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About us

«SINKAI» is a company that deals with software development of any complexity. For over 15 years we have been specializing in the field of IT technologies and during this time we have managed to implement a huge number of successful projects.

We not only develop and implement our own products, but also provide our customers with full technical support. We carefully monitor the relevance of the software, security and availability.

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of successful work in the software market

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of different complexity and vatiety

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working in our company both in offices and remotely

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What we specialize in:

Cloud technologies

Building any service in the cloud, allows to fully use all server capabilities and have access to the platform from anywhere in the world.

Security and audit

Analysing and checking existing web services for vulnerabilities and creating your own security systems for web resources with specific tasks.


An integrated approach to launching and ensuring the performance of a web resource. Creation and management of internal networks and databases. Full maintenance and support.

Mobile applications

Development and implementation of mobile applications for IOS and Android. Creation of UI / UX interfaces, installation and configuration of servers, API protocols, support and further updates.

Cryptography and encryption

To achieve complete data confidentiality, we use only the most modern and proven encryption algorithms, as well as develop and implement our own.

Neural networks

The creation and implementation of artificial intelligence based on neural networks can significantly expand the functionality and capabilities of any project.

Programs for WEB

Creation and integration of WEB resources - from a business card site to complex, cloud computing systems with specific tasks. Complex software solutions for any type of business.

Video production

A range of services for the creation and placement of video materials of any degree of complexity and theme. Advertising and corporate videos, presentations, video reviews.

Our services:

Design and creation of corporate services.

A comprehensive software solution for your business includes the most complete strategy to cover all possible directions in the market segment you are interested in. We will design and create for you a unique and individual WEB platform of any complexity, with all the necessary functionality for a successful business and provide high quality services. We will create and implement a mobile application for IOS and Android to attract larger audience and popularity of your service. As well as provide the necessary corporate video materials – viral and promotional videos, video reviews and information videos. We will carry out a full analysis in your market segment, help in promotion and provide full technical support.

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Design and creation of sites.

Your own website in the modern context- is not just a way to tell about yourself and offer your services, as it was in the past. For many types of business today, it is the site that is a full-fledged business through which they sell goods, consult, process orders, carry out financial transactions and all this is done online, without any additional costs for third-party services and physical objects. A safe, reliable and functional web resource is able to bring your business to a new stage of development in all respects, and we can fully help you with this. We can order the production of a website of any degree of complexity and subject matter. An online store or your own financial platform, a business card site or an individual CRM / HRM / ERM system – everything that you need to implement and have in your own project, we will do for you exactly on time. We will provide full technical support and help you promote.

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Design and creation of mobile applications.

Mobile traffic is growing steadily and more and more people use mobile phones for shopping, entertainment and searching for information. How to cover this area and attract new people, and most importantly, make them your clients? Your own mobile application will perfectly deal with such a task, the production of which can be ordered from us. We will analyse your niche in detail and determine what to focus on. For greater reach of the audience, we will develop and launch a mobile application for IOS and Android, offer various options and create UI / UX interfaces, install and configure servers, configure the API protocol. We will fully help with the promotion and provide full technical support.

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Video production

How to convey to the client even more information about yourself, pointwise, non-standard and original, and even using not only your own capacities, but also third-party resources? How do you get people to share your news and suggestions with others? This can be successfully achieved with video, which is a format that most people like. We will come up with an idea, write a script and create for you, your personal masterpiece that fully meets all the set tasks. Advertising or viral video, services or corporate video – we work with all video formats, organize filming with professional equipment or make computer animation of any complexity, presentation or video review – everything that is in this segment can be ordered from us!

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Audit / consulting / risk assessment.

What if the service is already there, but it doesn’t work as it should? Or you want to buy a ready-made and working project, but do not know how to check it and how well it is built? There are always a lot of questions in both categories and we will help you fully understand everything. As a software development company with many years of successful experience, we constantly audit existing software of any complexity. We will thoroughly check the program code and conduct tests for vulnerabilities. We will identify and fix problem areas of the code, as well as add missing, but necessary functionality. We will advise and offer various options for further development, as well as provide a detailed report on the identified problems and work performed.

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areas of application of our capabilities:

We offer
Development and implementation of corporate and individual software products for any type of business:

Sinkai’s products and services are already helping many large and medium-sized companies around the world to fulfill their dreams and plans, optimize and improve their business, increase their income and market presence.

Doing your business online without leaving your home is the watchword of the most successful people. A good software product opens up a lot of opportunities, will allow you to competently create and successfully run your business in any area of ​​online commerce. We will create your unique internet platform for you, with all the functionality you need. We will help in creating additional sales channels, integrate an electronic communication system with the client and control the receipt of orders and their implementation. We will integrate payment systems and a multi-level client base, add analytical and statistical functions based on various criteria, and we will arrange this. We can implement everything you need to run a successful online business in the best possible way.

The financial sector now takes a huge share in IT. For any successful business, it is necessary not only to receive and send payments, but also to control all financial transactions. Here, not only functionality is important, but also complete security. For a bank, this is a whole system, but for a small business, only a necessary set of operations. In each case, everything is very different. We can help you create a unique and completely customized financial platform with all the functionality you need from scratch, as well as create separate modules for an existing system. Full accounting of finances and clients from anywhere in the world, online payments and client authorization, reporting, document flow, electronic contracts, push notifications and online chat – everything that is technically possible to implement, we will make part of your project.

The number of online services provided is growing steadily, as is the competition in this market segment. Online services are beneficial and profitable in all respects. How to stand out, increase your sales and attract more customers? How to convey the necessary information about yourself and optimize internal processes? Of course, with the help of additional tools and services. We will help you create your unique service and make it as effective as possible. We will build in all the necessary functions, make a user-friendly interface and a beautiful design. We will help you in scaling and reaching additional sales channels. We will increase the conversion and awareness of your brand, as well as create a mobile application. We will do everything necessary to make your business as profitable and famous as possible with our help.

Most people spend their leisure time on the Internet, therefore entertainment platforms, in almost any form, are now very popular. Moreover, there is also a huge potential for good earnings. How to stand out and excel in this type of business? Of course, with the help of your own platform, unique functionality, design and content. We can fully help you in the implementation of all your ideas, create what you would like to see and what your competitors do not yet have in any available topic. Attract an additional audience, promote your brand and services, and implement cross-platform access to your service.

Any production is a rather complex and multitasking system, consisting of a wide variety of processes. The better the organisation of management and control over all stages, the more efficiently you can build the work of the enterprise at all levels. Such an approach will allow achieving not only profit growth, but will also show where and how existing processes can be optimized. The benefits are obvious, but how to organize a centralized management and control system at all stages of production? Of course, with software that suits all your needs. We can build such a system for you and combine all existing processes together. Control and interaction with personnel, warehouse accounting, document flow and accounting. Logistics and communication with the client, payment system and everything that is necessary for your specific purposes.

Competition in the field of logistics is now fierce and the winner is the one who introduces new features and services ahead of their competitors. How to optimize your business, reduce costs, add new opportunities and provide customers with something that others do not already have? To solve such problems you will be helped by your own custom logistic online service which we can provide you with. You will be able not only to control your business and all processes from anywhere, but also to satisfy the needs of your customers as much as possible thanks to the huge, built-in functionality. Optimize internal business processes and increase profits. Viewing and generating reports, sending notifications and flexible work with the client base, vehicle tracking and monitoring in real time. All the necessary functionality is formed individually for each project.

Online education is now very popular and rightfully occupies the sphere of a stable and highly profitable business. More and more people are choosing this type of training for its many obvious advantages. Your own, safe and functional platform plus a mobile application will allow you not only to make money on your knowledge, but also give you the opportunity to make money from other people – by providing rental space for other teachers. We will help you create such a resource – we will create personal accounts, integration of secure payment systems, integrate bonuses and rewards, and also write complex algorithms for knowledge control systems. We can implement everything that is necessary for such a project of any subject for you.

We have helped many companies

Why our clients choose us:


We work officially and create a contract, as well as provide the client with a full guarantee for all work performed.

Individual approach

Work on each project is completely individual, so each our client gets exactly what he needs in the end.

Technical support

We never abandon our clients and, if necessary, provide full technical support.


For each project, depending on its complexity and goals, we select an individual team of specialists with the appropriate skills.

Adaptive pricing

Depending on the complexity of the software product, production time and a combination of other factors, the cost is always formed individually.


We always achieve our goals, because even at the planning stage we know what needs to be done and in what sequence.

Benefits from cooperation with us:

What do our clients get?

Fully working software product

With all the necessary functionality, according to the contract, passed all the necessary tests and is ready to go.

Full technical support

Guarantee and assistance at the initial stages of working with the product, with the possibility of providing the service in the future on an ongoing basis.

Further product development and updates

Strategy for further product promotion and a list of future updates to add functionality.

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